Improv For All

Unleash Your Potential through Improvisation!

IMG_2411A Master Class with teacher/actor/improvisor Andy Schneeflock

Date: TBD
Time: TBD
Fee: $100
Location: Atlantic Theater Company, 76 9th Avenue, 5th Floor, NYC

What is Improv?

Improv (short for Improvisation) is actually something we do every day, we just don’t realize it. It is the practice of expressing yourself without preparation. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not the art of “how to be funny” even though it can certainly lead to that.

What is Improv For All?

A fun, playful opportunity to explore how improvisation supports you in everyday life. In this class, you will discover how to communicate without second guessing or hesitating, expand your ability to think on your feet, follow your impulses and have fun expressing yourself. You’ll also strengthen your ability to listen, collaborate and contribute to any situation – valuable skills for both work and play.


“Andy Schneeflock is a genuinely gifted coach.
He’s got an easy-going style, yet he’s exacting about the craft.
And his passion is contagious.”

-Bridgett Davis, Novelist & Professor at Baruch College

Meet Your Instructor

Andy Schneeflock is an actor, improviser and teacher. He has been teaching acting and improvisation for the past ten years for companies like The Story Pirates, Arts Connection and most notably the Atlantic Theater Company. He has performed improv around the city with the groups Entirely From Memory, The Story Pirates, Beauty Love Truth and Four Squares. He can be seen in the Steven Spielberg film “Bridge of Spies” and the TV shows “Blue Bloods,” “Alpha House” and plays a recurring role on “Orange Is The New Black.” He loves racquetball, comic books and toe socks which he was wearing while he typed this.




“This workshop really got us out of our heads and got participants to become more spontaneous and creative. The exercises build trust and cooperation and allow people to relax and let their guard down.”

-B. Madhusudan, IT Vice President at Credit Suisse